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Photovoltaic - Solar Electric Generation

Inverter Item:
Inverters are used for DC voltage to AC voltage conversion. According to output voltage form most commonly sine shaped. The most expensive, yet at the same time the best quality inverters, output voltage in sine wave. Inverter input voltage depends on inverter power, for small power of some 100 W the voltage is 12 or 24 V, and 48 V or even more for higher powers. Inverters connecting a PV system and the public grid are purposefully designed, allowing energy transfers to and from the public grid. According to working principle there are different types of inverters, such as central inverters for wide power range from 1 kW to up to 100 kW or even more, string inverters and module inverters. Inverters connected to module strings are used in wide power range applications allowing for more reliable operation. Modern inverters are the most sophisticated electronic devices implemented in photovoltaic systems..

Monitoring Item:
Solar power system owners looking for a compact, simple-to-use and attractive way to monitor and display their system's performance can do so utilizing Bluetooth® wireless technology.

PV Panel:
Electric photovoltaic modules are designed for both commercial and domestic applications suitable for grid-connected systems, and offer both high performance and reliability. These polycrystalline PV modules are manufactured to the strictest engineering guidelines to meet the strict requirements of international quality standards. They also carry a 25 year performance warranty.

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